The distinguishing feature of SkinDOC is its dedicated FullHD true digital video camera, specially developed for use in dermatoscopy field with fixed focus and fixed magnification for optimal performance in Follow-Up mode. Additionally equipped with sophisticated system electronics in a portable box it provides online control of the camera as well as optional Digital Still Camera in unique Live Image mode. Thanks to the worldwide-patented technique of light polarization, dermatoscopic examinations can be done without use of immersion fluids.
The SkinDOC is perfect Entry Level Video Dermatoscopy tool for professional use. 


• Compact and professional 
• Portable and handy 
• Polarized ELM Illumination 
• Build in Camera LED´s 
• Fixed Focus 
• Fixed Magnification 30x
• Fixed Color-Calibration for True Follow-Up 
• True pure digital Real Time Video 
• Fast and easy image acquisition 
• Optional clinical overview images with Canon EOS camera and LiveImage
• Integrated remote mouse control 
• Easy Self Installation 
• Low power consumption 
• To be connected to any PC or notebook via USB connection 

The SkinDOC advantages at a glance:
• No immersion oil or contact fluids for digital dermatoscopy required, thanks to the patented cross polarization illumination 
• Integrated mouse in camera for easy software control and handling 
• User friendly system, allows equipment to be operated remotely from the camera during the examination 
• Automatic recognition of ELM or macro imaging mode ensures fast and easy examination 
• Logical linking of macro, close up and ELM image (macro and close-up optional) 
• Full integration of Digital Still Camera including LiveImage Video 
• Reliable software, networkable with any MoleMax system! 


System Available in two different designs, bigger and smaller casing

Camera Specification:
Sensor size: 1/2.8”
Resolution [pixel]: FullHD 1920x1080p
Chip Type: CMOS
Color Depth: 12 bit
Frame rate [fps]: 30
Operating temperature: 0°C-40°C
Cable length: up to 5m
Power Consumption <10W
Interface: USB 3

Minimum PC or Laptop Requirements: 
PC or Laptop with Windows7-64bit or Windows 10-64bit operational system and one free USB-3 and USB-2 Slot. Recommended screen resolution: Full HD (1920x1080 Pixel) 

General Technical Data:  
The SkinDOC system may be connected to any properly grounded outlet, which is secured with a 16A fuse (except of explosive dangerous areas).  
Nominal Voltage: 110/230V AC, 50 Hz, 1,9/1,1A  
Power Consumption: max. 100 W  
Bigger Casing:
Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 30 cm (W/L/H);  
Smaller Casing:
Dimensions: 10 x 18 x 30 cm (W/L/H);  
Weight: ca. 3 kg

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