PhotoMAX 4.0 Software - Image Acquisition and Database Software
PhotoMAX is a unique programme package for digital image capture and dermoscopy that has been specially developed for the diagnostic processes and documentation using digital cameras.

It provides a simple way for DELM examinations together with a side by side comparison of images. This monitors the development of pigmented lesions 
and allows comparison of alteration over an extended period of time.

Samme applies to clinical and overview images as well.
Compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32-bit and 64-bit versions!  Full trial version (30 days) available!

Currently available in brand NEW Release 4.0 

TrichoScan can be viewed as a modification of the classic trichogramm. The software quantifies the number of hairs and the anagen- telogen ratio within one operation.  

The use of TrichoScan initially involves shaving a scalp area. After three days, the hairs in the shaven area are dyed and a digital photograph is 
taken at 30- time magnification and saved. The TrichoScan Software works on the basis that anagen hairs do not grow. The software uses this as a basis for its calculation of the anagen – telogon ratio. The area to be shaved is chosen using the same criteria as for epilation with the classic richogramm technique. 
Images taken sequentially, i.e. before and after therapy, allow detailed conclusions to be made about the success or failure of a therapeutic approach. The advantages of this method lie in it simple and speedy photographic processing, the painlessness of the procedure and the reproducibility of the results. 
The specially developed software program TrichoScan allows you to automatically measure of the above described parameters in situating the images taken with the MoleMax DELM camera. For the automatic analysis with TrichoScan a certain hair area needs to be shaved (appr. 1,8 cm2), dyed and digitally documented at a 30 time magnification. In contrast to the traditional Trichogram, TrichoScan is painless, reproducible and allows a digital documentation. It enables to compare different capacities of hair growth promoting substances (anagen/telogon) and can be used for monitoring the treatment through MoleMax.

AUTOMATIC MOLE Mapping - Mole Count Modul

Change of pigmented nevi is an important factor in early detection of melanoma at high risk patients. It is often difficult to identify changed or new moles in the follow-up of these patients. Changes of moles in the back are 
difficult to be discovered by the patients themselves. MoleCount is the one of the worldwide most advanced mole mapping and screening systems for the detection of change in nevi. 
Two similiar follow-up images of a relevant body site for one patient will be 
compared. MoleCount automatically detects nevi in the first and in the follow-up image and computes the mole mapping. Additionally the software extracts features relevant to the size, shape, and brightness of each lesion, and these features are compared for all mapped nevi. Extracted moles are shown in full resolution giving a detailed image of the nevus.The software is best used with digital still cameras delivered with MoleMax systems.

MoleScore is a software based on extensive experience in the field of automated analysis of pigmented skin lesions. The software works with a range of different camera systems used in devices developed by Derma Medical Systems. High quality dermatoscopic images of pigmented skin lesions are the main requirement for the successful use of this software. MoleScore measures asymmetry, blur of border, color and size of lesions. These parameters have been commonly accepted as major factors for the ABCD rule. 

MoleScore module is fully integrated into the MoleMax software but is sold separately as premium option. All images scored are saved for future evaluation with their appropriate scoring results in the database.

Scoring the Follow-Up images can give excellent insight if development of potentialy melanocitic moles and help in early melanoma detection.

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