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MoleMax HD Modular



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  Clinical Imaging and Dermoscopy
  at your configuration in HD quality.


The MoleMax HD Mini Modular is supplied
without trolley and offers flexible configuration and positioning of the components.

MoleMax HD Modular Vorteile:

Full HD Sony Camera
Handling directly from the camera
LCD screen on the camera
Unique digital image transfer via HDMI
Variable Magnification
Proofed MoleMax functions
Total Body Mapping


Expertizer Plus
The basis of this unique, future oriented program is a histo- pathological secure database of images of pigmented lesions taken with MoleMax. The program package includes image analysis functions based on state of the art technology, and uses the clinically well-known ABCD Rule or Seven Point Checklist to support the classification of lesions being diagnosed.

Real Time Follow up
Images taken at different dates can be compared in real time. This allows you a reliable comparison of mole alterations over long periods.

Macro-, Micro-, Histo-Images over time per patient;
Clinical Audit and Quality assessment;

Body Mapping
The “body-mapping” function allows you to make photographic documentation of the entire body possible based on 33 or for quick examinations on 10 preset body segments for cosmetical treatment documentation.




  Basic Configuration:

  MoleMax Computer Unit
  MoleMax HD Camera
  ELM Adapter (x 20, 30, 40 )
  Camera Holder
  MoleMax HD Software
  Mouse, Keyboard




1-2 TFT Flat Screens
Mounting Pole for 2 TFT Monitors
ELM Micro- Adapter (x 60, 80, 100 )
Additional Canon EOS SLR Camera with
Macro & ELM Micro Lense

201301221216250.MM HD Mini - Kompletsystem Mittel.png
 MoleMax HD Modular

201301221217560.MM HD Mini - Frontal 1 Mittel.png
 MoleMax HD Modular

201301221218250.MM HD Mini - Saeule 1 Mittel.png
 Option: Mounting Pole

201301221218510.MM HD 02 (transparent+LCD Bild) mittel.png
 MoleMax HD Camera

201301221219060.MM HD 01 (transparent+LCD Bild) mittel.png
 MoleMax HD Camera

201301221224010.PhotoMax Pro transparent front mittel.png
 Option: Digital Camera


MoleMax HD Modular
        now available!
        your own MoleMax!
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