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Derma Medical Systems Handels u. Entwicklungs GmbH, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 140, A-1050 Vienna, Austria

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MoleMaxII™ was developed jointly by researchers at the Department of Dermatology,
University of Vienna Medical School and Derma Instruments who also designed its technology.
The MoleMaxII™ is manufactured by Derma Medical Systems.

A continuous exchange of know how between the research and manufacturing arms of this
joint venture guarantees the highest possible quality of the product. Results from clinical studies
are promptly incorporated into improvements of hard- and software. This puts MoleMaxII™ on
the forefront of technological developments.

In addition, office based dermatologists around the world who are using MoleMaxII™ in daily
clinical practice, are constantly reviewing innovations with regard to clinical usability.
The development of MoleMaxII™ is based on several years of research conducted by
Derma Instruments together with the University of Vienna Medical School, Department of
Dermatology (Univ.-Prof. Klaus Wolff, M. D.).

Thanks to the intensive clinical research work and clinical evaluation, and also the excellent
feedback received from our MoleMaxII™ customers, we have been able to improve and develop
MoleMaxII™ to the point that it now represents the most complete and powerful solution for digital
epiluminescence microscopy available to dermatologists today.



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