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The CosMax Software is a full-featured
Visualization, Documentation, Simulation
and Information and program engineered
to assist you in providing a better service to
your clients and in increasing your patient base.




  CosMax is designed to help you communicate
  with your clients by visualizing achievable
  treatment results. This useful technique allows
  you and your patients to better discuss the
  specific area that they want to improve. Patients 
  can therefore get a very realistic idea of what
  might be accomplished with certain treatments.



  The CosMax software, using high-tech computer  
  simulation, enables your patients to preview their
  desired changes before treatment begins.
  Combinations of changes can be demonstrated 
  in a way that was impossible before this
  technology was available. CosMax offers you the
  ability to communicate with patients in a manner 
  that was hardly dreamed of before.



Technological advances and cosmetic
dermatology go hand in hand. The introduction
of CosMax gives dermatologists access to an
affordable and invaluable tool to interact with
patients. This state-of-the-art software allows
you to video image the body part your patients
are interested in changing or improving and
morph or change the image in front of their
eyes. This provides your patients with some
indication of how they would look with the prescribed interventions. This technology has far surpassed the archaic techniques of sketching
in or shading photographs, as well as doing away with the added disadvantage of
awaiting film development.
Virtually any part of the body can be imaged including
the face, arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and more. Computer enhancement
can demonstrate changes possible with laser resurfacing of the face, acne
treatments, mole removal, chemical peels, facial wrinkles and capillaries removal,
lip augmentation, liposuction of all body parts, and epilation.
CosMax should therefore be an integral part of each cosmetic dermatology