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    1. hair density (n/cm2)
2. hair diameter (µm)
    3. hair growth rate (mm/day) 
     4. anagen/telogen ratio.


          - …..making hair growth measurable

Hair loss or hair thinning is a common complaint in clinical dermatology,
and patients seeking advice for hair loss are not necessarily bald. Also the
effects of treatment are hard to measure. Consequently, there is a need for a
sensitive tool to monitor hair loss and treatment response. Such a method must
be able to analyze the biological parameters of hair growth, they are:



TrichoScan can be viewed as a modification
of the classic trichogramm. The software
quantifies the number of hairs and the anagen-
telogen ratio within one operation.

The use of TrichoScan initially involves shaving
a scalp area. After three days, the hairs in the
shaven area are dyed and a digital photograph is
taken at 30- time magnification and saved. The
TrichoScan Software works on the basis that
anagen hairs do not grow. The software uses this as a basis for its calculation of
the anagen – telogon ratio. The area to be shaved is chosen using the same
criteria as for epilation with the classic trichogramm technique.

Images taken sequentially, i.e. before and after therapy, allow detailed conclusions
to be made about the success or failure of a therapeutic approach. The advantages
of this method lie in it simple and speedy photographic processing, the painlessness
of the procedure and the reproducibility of the results.

The specially developed software program TrichoScan allows you to automatically
measure of the above described  parameters in situating the images taken with
the MoleMax DELM camera. For the automatic analysis with TrichoScan a certain
hair area needs to be shaved (appr. 1,8 cm2), dyed and digitally documented at
a 30 time magnification. In contrast to the traditional Trichogram, TrichoScan is
painless, reproducible and allows a digital documentation. It enables to compare
different capacities of hair growth promoting substances (anagen/telogon) and can
be used for monitoring the treatment through MoleMax.





TrichoScan Set

 consist of:

   • Software
   •  Professional rechargeable hair clipper
   •  Comb
   •  Hairclips
   •  Mask
   •  Hair dye
   •  Hair dye developer






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