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Mole Expert Makro Modul


Recommended for high risk patients with many moles,
own or family Melanom disorders or light colored skin.



Change of pigmented nevi is an important
factor in early detection of melanoma at high
risk patients. It is often difficult to identify
changed or new moles in the follow-up of these
patients. Changes of moles in the back are
difficult to be discovered by the patients
themselves.MoleExpert macro is the one of the
worldwide most advanced mole mapping and
screening systems for the detection of change
in nevi.

Two similiar follow-up images of a relevant body site for one patient will be
compared. MoleExpert macro automatically detects nevi in the first and in the
follow-up image and computes the mole mapping. Additionally the software
extracts features relevant to the size, shape, and brightness of each lesion, and
these features are compared for all mapped nevi. Extracted moles are shown in
full resolution giving a detailed image of the nevus.The software is best used with
our new digital camera delivered with MoleMax3.





 Body Mole Mapping Advantages

  Detection of skin lesions
 Classification and Comparison of Macro Images

 Automatic search for new moles
 Automatic recognition of change
 Detail comparison of moles by magnification



Pictures should be taken with identical conditions
(light, distance)
High resolution images preferable



The Body Mole Mapping Software can be used with MoleMax from Version 7.2,
with DermDOC from Version 2.0 and after upgrades.  




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