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  Mole Expert Micro Modul

  MoleExpert is a software based on extensive
  experience in the field of automated analysis
  of pigmented skin lesions. The software works
  with a range of different camera systems.High
  quality dermatoscopic images of pigmented skin
are the main requirement for the
  successful use of this software. MoleExpert micro
  measures asymmetry, blur of border, color and size
of lesions. These parameters have been commonly accepted as major factors for
the ABCD rule.



Description of the parameters

  For the determination of asymmetry, axes
  crossing the center of the lesion are analyzed.
  For each of these axes the agreement of the
  lesion on both side the axis is measured. The
  agreement is used as the measurement of
  symmatry. On the right side the measure of
  symmatry is shown as diagram for the angles
  of rotation of the symmetry axes.
  consideration of all axes a score for the
asymmetry of the lesion is determined.
Moving the mouse over over diagram you can check the appropriate axis in the analysis image.
Diagram with the asymmetry data for the different angles of the regarded symmetry axes.

  For the determination of the edge acuity as
  measure of the border the originally determined
  edge is compared with a smoothed edge. If a
  position in the diagram is selected using the
  mouse, the appropriate boundary region in the
  left picture is marked.



  The color parameter measures the differences

   and distribution of color occurring in the image.
   A measurement of the absolute color value is not
  meaningful, since the patients skin will be more
  or less tanned depending on the season. With
  this score the structural information is used
  in consideration of color distribution.The
  rotating RGB diagram on the right side serves
  as an
illustration of color dispersion. This diagram
shows the red, green and blue values for each pixel. The color distribution of nevi
frequently appears as a closed tube. In pictures of melanomas this tube will usually
be broader and widen towards the lower end.
Color distribution of the lesion in the
animated 3D RGB diagram

  As is the case for asymmetry, for the determination
  of maximum diameter axes are placed across the
  center of the lesion. For all axes the outermost edge
  is used in the determination of the diameter.
  Depending on the angle of rotation, the measured
  diameters are given in the diagram on the right side.








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