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Ultra-Bright Visual and
Digital Portable Skin Imaging
with or without Immersion Fluids


DermLite II PRO HR is the world’s brightest
pocket dermoscope you can attach to a
camera right out of the box. DermLite II PRO HR
redefines the best in portable skin imaging: The
most light in any portable dermoscope, the largest
lens in its class, button-activated light intensity
adjustment, rechargeable battery, and camera-
ready.  Additionally, the DermLite II PRO HR offers
optional oil immersion epiluminescence with its
innovative retractable faceplate.

The Brightest and Most Powerful Portable
Skin Visualization System.

DermLite II PRO HR is the most powerful and
brightest portable dermoscopy tool to date.  At the push of a button, you can activate
16 or 32 LEDs (light emitting diodes), for a maximum output of 1800 footcandles.
DermLite II PRO HR uses 3Gen’s groundbreaking, patent-pending cross-polarization system: From superficial structures to deeper pigmentation, ou see more detail at
various depths than ever before.  With its powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery
and 32 bright-white LEDs, the DermLite II PRO HR simply outperforms all other

Retractable Spacer.
Another first in skin imaging, DermLite II PRO HR gives you the choice between
dry skin imaging and oil immersion epiluminescence.  Finally, you have the best
solution for imaging vascularity without contact, or visualizing dry, overly scaly

lesions with immersion fluids.  Best of all, this innovative device makes it easier
than ever to record what you see.  You can attach your camera via the
DermLite II PRO HR’s built-in threaded connection.  A retractable spacer comes
standard with a removable glass faceplate and 10mm scale.

The High-Powered Imaging Solution.

The DermLite II PRO HR is the professional’s choice for comprehensive portable
skin examination and digital skin documentation.  Each unit comes with  5-year
warranty, and includes a leather belt case, lithium battery, and is packaged in a
luxuriously crafted aluminum box.



OPTION: PhotoMAX 3.0
Software to be used for any Digital Skin Images

  Clinical Overview Imaging 
  PhotoMAX is a unique programme package
  for digital image capture and dermoscopy
  that has been specially developed for the
  diagnosticprocesses and documentation
  using digital cameras.



  Follow up
  It provides also a simple way for DELM
together with a side by side
  comparison of images. This monitors the 
  development of pigmented lesions and 
  allows comparison of alteration over an
  extended period of time.




  Diagnosis support using clinical reference
  pictures or integrated diagnostic aids such
  as the classification of lesions in accordance
  with the ABCD-Rule and the Seven-Point-




  Diagnosis library, which is illustrated with
  images, descriptions 
and ability to browse
  and search through. The images are 
  categorized by diagnosis in one 
  hierarchical list.



PhotoMAX 3.0 Software –
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DermLite II Pro HR facts:

• 900 or 1800 footcandles of light
• retractable spacer, removable faceplate with scale
• large 25mm 10x lens
• 32 light-emitting diodes (LED)
• rechargeable lithium-ion battery
• compact portable design
• includes leather belt case
• warranty: 5 years







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