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The DL3 has been developed to be the tool of choice
for the world's leading dermatologists.
Precision-engineered and crafted from solid aluminum,
it is the first handheld DermLite to integrate a 25mm
four-element lens, which offers greatly reduced optical
distortion and a sharper image across the field of view,
cross-polarized & non-polarized lighting, low-battery indicator, charging base, and a fully enclosed, removable aluminum
faceplate spacer.


A major step forward is the DL3's fully retractable
faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism.
By twisting a large precision dial that is as easy to turn when mounted on a camera as it is during regular use, you extend its faceplate spacer and focus your image with an available focal range in excess of ±4mm or -5.5 to +7.6 diopters (DermLite II: ±1mm). The innovative spacer comes with
a glass faceplate with 10mm scale, and due to its fully enclosed design, it is easy to clean and
keeps the critical optical components completely sealed. Now, contaminants as well as undesirable ambient lighting no longer affect your image.


Of course, the DL3 is camera compatible. Attach your digital camera* via the product's
built-in threaded 28mm connection, extend the spacer, and start taking sharp, glare-free
images quickly and easily. The same 28mm connection may be used to mount the included
eyepiece, which may greatly improve the contrast of the image and helps reduce internal reflections caused by ambient lighting




DermLite Connection Kit for iPhone 4

Finally, you can use the functional power and optical beauty of the DermLite
you already know & own to take digital images with your iPhone. Start by snapping
the sturdy polycarbonate case around your iPhone 4 and threading the
28 mm adapter ring onto your DermLite II or DL3. Now you can snap your
DermLite onto the iPhone case, and the connection even allows you to rotate your
DermLite as desired, with stops every 15 degrees. To disconnect the two
in a split second, or to take clinical images, simply unsnap.
Conveniently, the DermLite iPhone case leaves all iPhone jacks and buttons
accessible and is no bulkier than most consumer-grade case. Add its superior
scratch and impact protection to the list of reasons why you can keep it attached
to your iPhone all the time, even when you are not doing Dermoscopy.

Each DermLite Connection Kit for iPhone 4 comes with 3Gen's 5-year warranty,
includes an iPhone 4 snap case and 28 mm adapter ring.
Compatible with iPhone 4, any DermLite II or DL3.






• up to 2500 footcandles of light (at faceplate)
• polarized or non-polarized
• retractable, fully removable faceplate with 10mm scale
• four-element 25mm 10x lens
• 28 high-powered light-emitting diodes (LED)
• rechargeable lithium-ion battery & charging base
• compact all-aluminum design
• includes leather belt case
•  warranty for 5 years

 DermLite 3

 DermLite 3 Package




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Connection hit for iPhone Available !
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