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Q: The System is not ready?
A: Please Check: Main power plug in socket Green /Red light on main
    power switch on
    On/Off power button on the basic unit turned on.

Q: There is no display on monitor?
A: Please Check: Monitor power switch turned on; Basic unit power switch
     turned on Interconnection between monitor and basic unit; Turn off basic unit,
     wait for 10 seconds and turn it on again.

Q: There is a black live video screen (with MoleMax II models)?
A: Please Check: Green light on basic unit on; ELM camera cable connection
    on both ends; Illumination adjustment knob on basic unit turned to 0; Halogen
    lamp (see User Manual how to exchange) ; Fuse (see User Manual how to

Q: The automatic recognition of cameras does not work?
 A: Please Check: Cable connection from COM4 to COM4 on the backside
    of the system (see User Manual chapter Connections); Check the appropriate
    settings in the molemax4.ini.

Q: There is no freeze function with RB?
A: Move cursor into the live video frame.




Q: Error when initialising the camera (only with MoleMax I models)?
A: The System camera not properly connected at the boot up, please attach the
    camera and restart the system.

Q: The colors on the screen change during use?
A: Please check: The cable connection between monitor and basic unit, does the
    interferences occur when moving the ELM cable.

Q: Backup is not performed?
A: There is no or wrong CD inserted or check the backup settings in Special.

Q: The printing not possible / Printout is of bad quality?
A: Plese check Printer power switch; Cable connection between basic unit and
    printer; Printer settings; Clean printer cartridges or exchange them if necessary.



Q: Where do I find the manual?
A: After installing the software, You will find the manual under: Start-Programs-
    Derma Medical Systems- DermDOC- Usermanual.pdf

Q: What are the system requirements for DermDOC?
A: Intel Pentium CPU 800 MHz or more; 128 MB RAM or more; 300 MB free
    space for program (HD 20 GB or higher recommended); CDRW or Tape
    for data backup; Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP (latest service
    pack recommended)Desktop area: 800×600 pixel / Color Palette: True Color
    / System font size: small fonts

Q: In LiveVideo I get a Video Card Error.
A: Is the IEEE1394 (Fire wire) Cable connected properly? If yes please disable 
    the IEEE1394 Network adapter. To do that: Left mouse click on My computer
    - Manage – Device Manager – Network adapter – 1394 Network adapter Left
    mouse click – disable.

Q: Laptop compatibility?
A: Derma Medical Systems recomends use of desktop PCs with DermDOC in
    order to achieve maximum performance. If portability is needed most of current
    laptop computers would work fine. Hovewer due to the motherboard topology
    and resource sharing typical for portable computers few units (such as whole
    Sony PCG-FR series for an example) experienced minor problems when used
    with DermDOC. (There are also few known issues with particular HP and Dell
    models.) Derma Medical Systems does not recomend any partucular laptop
    brand but many of our users are doing fine using Asus, Acer, MSI, IBM and
    Toshiba notebooks. Therefore, Derma Medical Systems strongly recomends
    trying out the laptop compatibility before purchase.



Q: The mouse on the camera does not work.
A: Turn on the DermDOC before You start Your computer

Q: DermDOC does not recognize the Camera
A: Left mouse click on My computer- Manage – Device Manager – Left
    mouse click “show by connection” – go to USB ports – USB HUB – COM x
    and COM y on on port there is a serial mouse remember the other port
    number. Enter this number into the DermDOC software.

Q: When I enter Tricoscan I got an Invalid License message.
A: Please ask your local dealer or Derma Medical Systems for purchasing
    this software tool.

Q: The module CosMax is not enabled.
A: Please ask your local dealer or Derma Medical Systems for purchasing
    this software tool.

Q: I enter Live Video and put in the same time the microadapter on the camera
     the camera does not zoom to micromode.
A: Take of the adapter and put on again.

Q: When I turn on the light for a close-up image , the image is very blue and 
the skin looks pale.
A: When using the internal light for close-up image, please switch to camera
    setting L2.

Q: I want to network two or more DermDOCs.
A: Install both systems local. Share on all computer on drive where You want
    to store the data. (Think about backup of them). Modify in the DermDOC.ini
    the setting : Patient= ; Images0= ; Overlay= to the shared drive.

Q: I want to see the images taken with DermDOC on another pc.
A: Share on the DermDOC computer the folders with the stored the data. See
     the DermDOC.ini the setting : Patient= ; Images0= ; Overlay= to find out the
     folders. Install a DermDOC multiuser license the other pc and map the drive
     from the DermDOC pc. Modify the DermDOC.ini on the multiuserpc to the
     mapped drive.

Q: I want to backup my data on a DVD.
A: Install a DVD writing tool and backup the used data folder (see correct path in
     DermDOC.ini : Patient= ; Images0= ; Overlay=)



My grip does not charge:
Please ensure that the light is switched off during charging and the grip is
connected to the charging base correct.

When i put the grip in the charging base the red light (charge)turns on and
the green light starts flashing:

That is normal, after 1min the green light stops.

How do i know that the battery in the grip is full:
After charging the  red light (charge) stops and the green starts for 2 min
after that it will start flashing.

There is the green and the red (charge)one flashing:
Please check the connection from the charger to the base for correct polarity

During charging the grip gets hot:
That is normal, please keep the grip in the base till the batteries are fully charged



Q: Minimum System Requirements
A: Windows® 2000 or higher; Processor: Pentium Based Processor II 233Mhz
    or higher; 64 MB RAM; Graphic display adapter capable of 1024 x 768 True
    Color (24 or 32 bit); Display setting: Small Fonts; 45 MB free hard drive space
    (485 MB if MoleScore images are installed as well); CD-ROM Drive.

Q: Suggested System Requirements
A: Windows 2000 or higher; Processor: 500MHz or higher; 256 MB RAM.

Q: Where do I find the handbook?
A: After installation You will find the handbook on the desktop and under Program
    Files->Derma Medical Systems->PhotoMAX.

Q: When I start the software, I am asked for a code
A: If You have bought the software, please send us Your shown code and the
    serial number (found on the CD cover) (
    and You will get Your code. If You are using a trial version please just press
    the continue button and the software will start in the 30 days trial mode.

Q: Where can I buy the software?
A: Please go to https:\\ there You can buy
    PhotoMax online.

Q: When I try to upload images, I can not choose the camera!
A: Please check if the camera is connected to the PC correctly and turned on.

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