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MoleMax™ is the first integrated system for digital epiluminescence microscopy and
macro imaging in the world.

MoleMax™ was the first digital epiluminescence system in the world jointly developed with
dermatologists and clinics for use in dermatological practice.

The first units were released in May 1997 from a single production.

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from the first users both in Austria and abroad and intensive
clinical evaluations in the field, it was possible to further optimize MoleMax into today's well-planned,
mature design.

MoleMax was introduced internationally in June 1997 at the Melanoma World Convention and the
subsequent Dermatologists World Convention, and since then MoleMax become the worldwide
accepted clinical standard.

It is this uncompromising technical conception that enabled the achievement and global recognition
of clinical ELM documentation and follow up control, it became the standard for DELM methods
among dermatologists involved in scientific research.

Furthermore the MoleMax™ technology has been selected and supported by the European
Commission under the Innovation Program of the European Community for a technology evaluation
program within an international project-consortium to set the standards for the DELM method
(project IN 301044D).



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