We offer
* Live Video Imaging

* No-oil Dermoscopy

* Classical DELM Dermoscopy

* Side by Side Comparison

* Total Body Mapping

* Cosmetic Simulations

* Diagnostic Library

* Automatic and Manual Scoring

* Mole Counting

* Clinical Audit and Quality Control

* Diverse Monitoring Options

* Hair Growth Module

* Portable and Standalone Units

* High Resolution Imaging

* Diverse Magnifications

* Hand Held Dermatoscopes

* Photo Documentation Software

* Full Internet Integration

* Second Opinion Tool

* Networking Capabilities

. . .and much more
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Derma Medical Systems Handels u. Entwicklungs GmbH, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 140, A-1050 Vienna, Austria

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Derma Medical Systems improves patient care

Whether melanoma, skin cancer, chronic skin pathology
such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, Derma Medical Systems
has developed the leading technology platform to improve patient care!

Derma Medical Systems offers DELM technology at its best

Follow-up of suspect skin lesions using camera images utilizing DELM technology
is now the recognized EBM standard for improved patient care and safety.
It reduces unnecessary surgery excisions for both patient and doctor benefit!

Digital Dermoscopy and much more

Derma Medical Systems is the worldwide leader in digital dermoscopy.
Our products can see under the skin and give you unique platform for a clinical diagnose.
Join the community of over 2500 users in more than 50 countries worldwide!




DermDOC HR now available worldwide!

PhotoMAX PRO WiFi now released!

MoleMax HD now available worldwide!

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